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Yuling Weng


Director, Taichung Cultural Education Foundation for Architecture

Supervisors, Taichung Real Estate Development Association

After graduating from National Kaohsiung Normal University in 2002, Yuling went to teach at The Chinese Academy of Arts. During this period, Yuling was responsible for the school's public participation in the Kaohsiung MRT Public Art project.

Yuling cooperated with the renowned artist Narcissus Quagliata to creat the “Dome of Light" which is situated at the Kaohsiung MRT Formosa Boulevard Station. She has developed a global mindset as a result of working in different projects around the world, including Europe and The United States of America.

When Yuling joined Zongtai Real Estate Development Company in 2010, most of the executives in the real estate industry were men and there were very few women. She has demonstrated a keen eye attention for details, flexibility and absorbing differences in thinking from different backgrounds. As a result of her hard working and dedication she was promoted four times in the first year on the job.

When the founder Mr. Wu Xikun chose to retire, he promoted Yuling to be the general manager and chairman of the board. Yuling is committed to the combination of architecture, art and creation of community services.

In 2020, Yuling was chosen as one of the top 100 MVP managers. She became the only award-winning in the construction industry.

In 2021, "Harvard Business Review" launched the first survey of the best female CEOs in Taiwan. Yuling was selected among the top 15 female chairmen of the listed companies.


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