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Sophia Huang

Far Eastern SOGO Department Stores,Chairperson

Dedicated to lead SOGO to be the best enterprise in the world and for the world.

•Current Position Chairperson, Pacific SOGO Department Stores Company, Limited Chairperson, Pacific China Holdings Ltd. Chairperson, Pacific China Holdings (HK) Limited Board Member, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Chairperson, Pacific Chung-Kwang Foundation for Cultural and Educational Promotion Chairperson, Pacific Chung-Kwang Social Welfare Foundation

Academic Qualifications MA, Telecommunications and Film, San Diego State University, USA BA, Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Appointed the Chairperson of Far Eastern SOGO in 2007 and has been the longest-serving Chairperson in SOGO’s 32-year history. Has been leading the company with a young, caring, passionate, and innovative corporate image ever since. Brought SOGO to receive nearly 40 nationally and internationally recognized CSR awards since 2015, the first year in the SOGO CSR era. Successfully transformed SOGO into a CSR role model for other department stores in Taiwan. Launched the “NEW LIFE” Initiative, bringing new brand values to SOGO from four different scopes, “Care and Share, Sustainable Homes, Quality Lifestyles, and Cultural Innovation”, adding a touch of humane concern to the original corporate image of exquisite sales service, while displaying charismatic sensitivity and influence as a contemporary female leader. Awarded the inaugural “Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen 2018”, selected from 112 exceptional women leaders from 19 countries across Asia, and was the only recipient from Taiwan. Triumphantly brought Taiwan’s CSR achievements to the world. Led SOGO not only to establish a benchmark in the field of CSR, but also to accomplish an unprecedented operational performance over the decade. In 2018, the total sales of SOGO department stores nationwide reached a record high of NTD 46 billion. Confronting the enormous challenges in the retailing environment, SOGO remains the No. 1 department stores in Taiwan in terms of sales per unit area as well as sales per employee. Before switching fields to corporate governance, was previously an experienced media manager as well as a renowned TV news anchor/TV show host.

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