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Resilient Leadership for a Disruptive Era

The Women Corporate Directors Foundation (WCD) invites corporate directors from around the world to join their peers in Tokyo, Japan, a dynamic city where ancient culture intersects with cutting-edge technology.’s chairlady, Jaclyn Tsai, and strategic advisor, Andrea, were invited to an exclusive event organized by Women Corporate Directors in one of the world’s hottest tech hub Tokyo on 21st and 22nd Feb. The event included a full day of keynote speeches and a networking reception, where leaders across the globe cordially exchanged ideas. It is much anticipated that the participants will join hands to put the generation-defining technologies to practice.Female leaders exhibit diversity and professionalism in more areas.

We explored the following topics, and many more, over the course of the institute, through panel discussions, interactive roundtables, and keynote addresses.

-Adapting Technology for Aging Labor Markets

-Almost Human – the Age of Applied Intelligence

-Investing in the Future – Venture Capital and the Role for Women

-The Board’s Role in Oversight of ESG

-Creating and Leading a Resilient Business Model

-Effective Onboarding of NextGen Family Members


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