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Lena Yin

Chairperson, Ruentex Materials Co.,Ltd.

Co-Founder and Partner, EVEREST CPA & Co.

Professional Specialist, Associate Professor Level, Soochow University


Lena Yin, a Certified Public Accountant, has over a decade of rich professional experience and a deep knowledge background in finance and taxation. She possesses outstanding professional skills in tax planning, providing comprehensive tax planning and advice, legally reducing tax burdens, and maximizing tax benefits. She has long been immersed in the latest changes in various tax laws and provisions, tailoring personalized tax plans, and adhering to the principles of professionalism and integrity when providing tax services to ensure the maximization of comprehensive interests.

Lena Yin also pays great attention to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues and deeply understands the importance of ESG to corporate value creation and social contribution. She is familiar with ESG investment principles and best practices, able to provide comprehensive ESG evaluation and planning services, and works closely with business management practitioners to develop effective ESG strategies and implementation plans, helping major enterprises comply with ESG-related regulations and meet market demands, achieve long-term value creation and sustainable development, and properly evaluate and manage potential risks and vast opportunities of ESG to reveal long-term stable returns of investment portfolios.

Lena Yin has profound theoretical knowledge and practical experience in corporate sustainable development, understands the operating models and market trends of various business areas, and can effectively formulate long-term strategic planning and execution plans to achieve sustainable development and social responsibility. She understands the challenges and opportunities facing enterprises, provides effective advice and solutions, and helps Taiwan achieve the ideals of social responsibility, environmental protection, and sustainable development while achieving corporate business goals and financial objectives, linking the United Nations and global trends.


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