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Joanna Chen

Chairperson, Chlitina Holding

President, China Health Products Association

Chapter President, Management Association of Medical Beauty Enterprises

Representative, China Chamber of International Commerce

Member of the Trade and Investment Working Group, B20 Summit


-Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Keuka College, New York, USA -EMBA Shanghai Tongji University, China

CHLITINA克麗緹娜 We have endeavored to start a new skin care revolution by using the gentle but extraordinarily efficient amino acids to develop a skin care concept that opens the Way of Beauty to every woman under the sky. Like my father Chen Wu-kang, the founder of Chlitina, I have taken “Brave Women Love” as a motto to create a beautiful legend.


Chlitina has two years in a row been selected as one of the 20 Best Global Brands of Taiwan

In 2015 Chlitina was selected as one of the 20 Best Taiwan Global Brands by global brand consultancy Interbrand. That year, it broke a 20-year tradition of Best Taiwan Global Brands awards being only presented to high tech firms. Chlitina garnered the coveted award again in 2016. The Chlitina brand value grew 19% to reach US$95 million (or $NT 3 billion), a figure giving Chlitina a dominant position in the domestic medical beauty sector.

As a representative of the beauty industry, Chlitina took part in the G20 summit with leaders of various countries and representatives of related international organizations to offer suggestions and express the views of the industry.

Chlitina was invited to attend the 2016 Industry and Trade Summit of the Group of Twenty (B20), an import element of the G20 mechanism.

Members of the G20 and leaders of the world as well as representatives of international organizations took part in the summit which was also attended by representatives of 140 out of the 500 biggest companies in the world. Whereas the high tech, internet and financial sectors were overrepresented, Chlitina was the sole company from the beauty industry to be present at the summit.

Chlitina is the leading brand in China’s beauty industry.

At the 5th China Finance Summit in 2016, themed “China Qualitative Change: New Challenges, New Opportunities”, Chlitina was awarded “2016 Outstanding Brand Image” and “2016 Wisest Financial Expert”.

Chlitina sponsored a movie that will debut in the Shanghai International Film Festival, a dream come true for the young director. Chlitina also produced short documentaries on remarkable women that will be shown at the festival.

In collaboration with the organizers of the Shanghai International Film Festival, and with a helping hand from movie professionals, Chlitina has created a new documentary category titled “Brave Women Love” as a rallying slogan for the cause of women. A series of documentaries presented under the same title by Chlitina will serve as a contribution from Taiwan to the Chinese movie culture. This year, as much as 2403 entries from 114 countries and territories have been received, and 30 movie directors, actors and other movie professionals have been nominated to walk the red carpet and will help the movie industry in Shanghai shine bright!



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