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Consensus Gathering

Since the establishment in April, 2018, more than 40 eminent, top-leading female entrepreneurs in Taiwan, across 17 domains have enrolled the council, Women on Board. So as to have more interaction among the members, we had a “Consensus Gathering” at the Old Scottish style manor house in Cing Jing, Taiwan, Nano.

What is special during the gathering is that we had a book swap this time, so we brought our own books we have been reading recently and shared with others. At the night featured with splendid mountain view before Christmas, light is warm and tender also, we members chose to draw straws, delivered, and bestowed very own reflection and bliss to one another. According to food for thought, sense and sensibility from various perspectives, they also displayed the distinct traits only from these ladies on board. “You know when to come, then you know how to leave.” When it comes to entrepreneurship, how to stay calm, keep rational, and make correct decisions are the keys to success. Tsai, Yuling, the chairman of the council, shared the benefit of meditation. She asked everyone among the gathering to keep mind as calm as a monk and doing exercising, listening to the beat brought by the grand nature and our nous, looking for ultimate serenity.

Surrounded by sunshine, gliding stream, and spectacular mountain view:

In the middle of ridges, we had a doer who built the manor on his own, the owner of the manor, Lo the fellow, or Lo, Dahong. He shared with us about his military career, how he acquire everything about architecture with incurable, restless ardor, and build this manor on his own, based on Tudor style in 16th century. He drew more than 2000 blueprints, having more than 367 cargoes delivered from Europe. He did almost everything on his own, brick by brick, tile by tile, for 9 years. And, the classic is established. We members had more interaction with the host, and promised him we would soon visit here the next year.

After becoming energetic again, members of WOB will keep on fighting for till the end of 2018 and the upcoming year.


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