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Christine Young

Board Member, LCY Chemical Corp.


•BA Social Science, University of California Berkeley


•Women on Board, Fellow (2013 ~ now)

•TPVIA International Affairs Committee, Chairperson (2011 ~ 2014)

•Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA), Executive Director (2011 ~ 2015)

•Semi Taiwan Photovoltaic Committee, Vice Chairperson (2012 ~ 2014)

•Taiwan Executive Yuan, member of the New Energy Development and Promotion Committee (2012 ~ 2014)

•Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA), board member (2016/12 ~ now)

•LCY Chemical Corp., board member (2001 ~ now)

•LCY Elastomers LP USA, board member (2004 ~ now)

•LCY Technology Corp., Chairperson (2008 ~ 2011)

•LCY Chemical Corp., Executive Vice President (2011 ~ now)

•LCY Group China Region, Chairperson (2005 ~ 2015)


Winner and acceptance speaker of 2010 Golden Merchant Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

•Honorary Citizen of Huizhou Municipality, China

•2014 TOP Solar System Award by Bureau of Energy Ministry of Economic Affairs on behalf of LCY Group


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