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Cheer Du

Co-Founder / COO, Promate Electronics

Chairwoman / CEO, Promate Solutions

Member of Board of Directors, Promate Electronics & Promate Electronics


Glimmer Inc. Chairman

CF Investment Director

Weikeng Board


BA, NTU Economics, NTU EMBA

As one of the founders of Promate Electronic, Cheer Du currently serves as the COO of Promate Electronic and the Chairwoman / CEO of Promate Solutions.

The parent company Promate Electronic was listed in 2004, mainly focusing on the distribution business of semiconductor components, while Promate Solutions, listed on the OTC market in 2017, provides custom design and manufacturing of human machine interface (HMI) solutions for global market leading companies, focusing on highly demanding and mission critical applications including medical segments, commercial fitness equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and automated retail applications.


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