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5G Industry luncheon in OPTO Taiwan. FET, Chunghwa Telecom and Asia Pacific Telecom gather together!

2021/12/22 Source: JPC Group

This year’s 5G Industry luncheon had been the best yet! In addition to the host PIDA and JPC, participants included FET, Chunghwa Telecom, Asia Pacific Telecom, Nokia, Intel, Quanta, D-Link, SERCOMM, MIC, FSP, Chenbro, Google, Qualcomm, CISCO, Askey, Accton, Inventec, Arm, MiTAC, PEGATRON, Cameo, ADLINK, SYSCOM, HWACOM, Auray, Microsoft, SuperMicro, CTC Union, and Gemtek etc. We are looking forward to contributing to the 5G infra. Thank you for the participation of all of our partners and industrial influencer.


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