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Claire Kuo

Chairman & CEO , Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Claire Joined SEYI right after she completed her MBA at Pace University in New York City. After handled Cross-border business transactions several years, she was appointed to be the President and CEO of SEYI America. Claire developed sales-and-service in the Americas and focused on marketing new product lines for the United States auto- market. In that role, Claire enabled SEYI to become one of the top mechanical press providers to the American market. Under her leadership, SEYI’s sales in the Americas increased by almost 90% in 2008.

In 2009, Claire returned to Taiwan to take over as chairman of the group and led the team to quickly adjust the operating strategies, the company's revenue growth has reached two-digit growth for several consecutive years and has set up more than 10 overseas bases in Thailand, Europe and Mexico and China. Because she reconstructed the global operating policy and optimized the product sales portfolio strategy to work, the overall profit of the enterprise was significantly improved. In the 2018, SEYI's servo press sales were among the top five in the world.

In addition to being selected as the "potential backbone enterprise" by government, SEYI has also won nearly 10 Taiwan Excellent awards in the past decade, including the gold medal which is the first time won by machinery and equipment manufacturers, SEYI.

【About SEYI】

SEYI is a leading manufacturer of medium-large servo presses. Main customers are manufacturers in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical instrument, agriculture machine, 3C electronics, construction material, hardware and home appliance. We assist our customers to gain better position in the market by providing creative and edging technology. SEYI's sales and service network is well established around the whole world which allows us to supply our state of the art press equipment and service to our clients.

Servo technology, automation system and intelligent manufacture are the cores of our company strategies and we will keep focusing on their development. Besides promoting our servo press which is highly accurate, highly productive and eco-friendly, we also invest valuable resources on developing large sized presses and automation system integration. We are confronting the challenges of the waves of Intelligent Machine (Industry 4.0) and Intelligent Factory and successfully completed the Intelligent machine system in one of our clients, car-parts manufacturers, in the first quarter of 2017.

SEYI’s servo presses have been supplied to many customers in different markets, including a well-known German high-end vehicle manufacturer and the famous America electrical car maker. We are eager to build up the win-win partnerships within multi-parties and clients by providing the intelligent manufacturing solution to fulfill customer’s needs.

SEYI was established in year 1962, and completed the Initial public offering in Taiwan Stock Market in year 2002 (4533 TT)。



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