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【CEO 分享】Verizon Media 鄒開蓮: 讓女性員工在工作場所 獲得支持和信任的價值

Verizon Media 國際事業董事總經理鄒開蓮撰文,分享自身從Yahoo至今的工作經驗,思考建構讓女性更佳蓬勃發展的工作場所:


「Facebook首席運營官 Sheryl Sandberg 曾恰當地說:『我們無意間退縮了。我看到如此多的女性在實際生育之前就往後退縮了幾年。』

「....但是,在那之前,使自己處於良好位置的最好方法就是向前。保持選擇的餘地。” 大多數年輕的職業女性都會認同的。」


How to cultivate a workplace that enables women to thrive

Do enough women speak up and ask for what they deserve at the workplace? From my experience, the answer is no. But as I learned fairly early in my career, it pays to stand up for yourself. As general manager of Yahoo Taiwan in the mid 2000s, I had built a successful business in the country. One day I got a call from Jerry (co-founder of Yahoo), who wanted my assessment on another colleague, who he was considering for a larger role. A role I was both qualified and experienced to take on myself. It took every bit of courage to ask him, “Jerry, have you thought about me for the role?” He replied, “Let me think about it.” It was a nerve-wracking period, but two weeks later, I got the job. As women, we are plagued with self-doubt and this often holds us back, especially as we progress up the ladder. Women are underrepresented as leaders, and this is true across regions and sectors. According to The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, only 18.2% of top managers are women. This problem seems to be more acute in our corner of the world. A news article pointed out that Asia in particular lags when it comes to women’s leadership (12.8%), compared to regions such as Northern Europe (35.6%) and United States and Canada (20.9%).


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